Best Fight Scenes: 2018  from Jamyang Pelsang

Best Fight Scenes: 2018 from Jamyang Pelsang

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 A compilation of my favorite fight scenes from 2018. Despite how awesome that bathroom fight was from Mission Impossible: Fallout, it was sadly copyright blocked worldwide. (as were a couple other movies). Note some of these films are from 2017 or 2016 due to their limited releases during those years either in one region or only a single theater. I thought it was only fair to feature them this year considering not as many of you would’ve had a chance to check ‘em out. Short films featured in this video:Colour Me Red: of the Drunken Gods: Sword and Shield Fight: 3: Blindsided: The Game: King of the Backyard: of movies featured in order of appearance:(Mission Impossible: Fallout was copyright blocked worldwide)1. Accident Man2. On The Ropes3. Colour Me Red (Short Film)4. Re: Born (2016)5. Kill Order6. Dance of the Drunken Gods (Short Film)7. The Night Comes For Us8. Adorea Sword and Shield Fight (Short Film)9. Jailbreak (2017)10. Osu 3 (Short Film)11. Bleach12. Blindsided: The Game (Short Film)13. Lady (Short Film)14. King of the Backyard (Short Film)Fight scenes copyright blocked worldwide:Mission Impossible: Fallout (bathroom fight)Upgrade (final fight)The Brink (2017; parking lot knife fight)Honorable Mentions: Black PantherDaredevil Season 3 Iron Fist Season 2 Into the Badlands Season 3 Big BrotherBuybustMovies released in 2017 or 2018 but still unavailable:1. Triple Threat (2017)2. Night Shooters3. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy/Cheung Tin-Chi 5. Luc Van Tien (2017)6. Kung Fu League7. The Invincible Dragon Comments:
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